Environment Setup

To run Matico on your computer, you have two choices. We provide a Dockerfile (recommended), or you can run each component individually (this is messy, but we're working on smoothing things out).


To run the system in Docker:

  1. Install Docker [ Instructions ]
  2. Install Docker-Compose [ Instructions ]
  3. Clone the Matico Github Repo and run docker-compose up from the command line in the root directory of the repo. This will create a database and start the MaticoServer and MaticoAdmin interfaces

To shut down the server, halt the docker-compose process (ctrl+c or command+c).

Running Matico Components Individually

You can follow the steps below to run each part of Matico. This requires a good number of installations and dependencies if you're starting fresh, so this is recommended for advanced users.

  1. Install NodeJS, Yarn, Rust, and Wasm-Pack
  2. Clone the Matico Github Repo
  3. From the repo root directory, run yarn install
  4. In a new terminal window/tab, run each of the following:
(cd matico_spec; cargo build; wasm-pack build --scope maticoapp)
(cd matico_charts; yarn build)
(cd matico_components; yarn build-dev)
(cd matico_admin; yarn dev)
(cd matico_server; cargo run)

😔 We know. We're very sorry and we are simplifying this, for you and us both. Please send help.

Want to help preserve our sanity and simplify the individual component build and dev process?

Set up a PR or file an issue on our Github!